Education faces huge challenges when it comes to engaging young generations. This applies especially to motivation and the initiative to learn. With the project SHADOWS we wanted to try out a game-based approach and see if it can help high school students achieve better learning results. The basic idea is to create a game that students can play together in which they fight back the darkness and answer a lot of questions in the process.
We also wanted to let teachers customize the game so that they can make sure that the learning content is relevant for their students. For this reason we developed a web-based editor which lets teachers do just that… they can select questions from our huge collection and they can also customize them or create their own questions.
Since SHADOWS is a project funded by the EU it is completely free to use and will stay that way. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Interested? have a look at those videos!


Grenaa Gymnasium
This project was coordinated by the Grenaa Gymnasium and IB, located in Grenaa, located in Denmark. it’s an international-oriented public upper secondary school with 500 students and 60 teachers. The school is strategically committed to values of high academic standards, mutual respect and reflection. It has a longstanding tradition of cooperation and development and participates in various networks.

Ingenious Knowledge
Ingenious Knowledge GmbH is an SME and innovator in education on several levels. The company was founded in 2010 in Cologne, Germany, and has been working in close cooperation with educational institutions, such as universities and schools, to develop new educational approaches.

Escola Secundária de Lagoa
Escola Secundária de Lagoa has a long history in the use of the ICT by using hardware and software in creative new ways. We received the 2012 mentor school recognition, which resulted in a tradition of teacher collaboration to face a harsh reality in terms of the social and economic context where more than half of the students have social and economic problems and need some kind of social intervention.

Trnsko Primary School
Trnsko Primary School is a public school situated in the new part of the City of Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia. It was named after the city area where it is situated (Trnsko). The school celebrated its 55th-anniversary last year. The school is the centre of excellence for licensing exams for teachers of Mathematics.